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Furst Donnerhall looks more like a 1,5 years old than a 2,5 years old at the moment. But that’s also the only negative thing we can say about him! His super sweet personality, pretty face, perfect x-rays, super pedigree and clearly the power in the hind where we like it makes him a superstar in the making! (We actually wanted to keep him a few months to develop and grow before offering him. But due the big demand and lack of good horses…) Furst Donerhall has a very good, clear walk with a big over track and activity! His trot is very off ground with a very strong, fast and active under te body hind leg use. His canter is equal with a lot of power and a hind leg placed far underneath the body.Furst Romancier is very popular as breeding stallion and so are his son’s For Romance I & II. Dam Fiona already delivered 2 Oldenburg approved sons and a Oldenburg approved grandson. As Fiona is a direct daughter of the most Populaire and proven stallion of the last century Donnerhall, makes Furst Donnerhall also very interesting as stallion!At the Moment Furst Donnerhall is 1.63 M tall but we expect him to grow up to, or even over 1.70M !


Vater Furst Romancier
Vater des Vater
Mutter des Vaters
Vater der Mutter Donnerhall
Mutter der Mutter